The EG6 Guide (Pt. II)

In Part 2 of my guide I will be focusing on mechanical spec and the associated options that were available from the factory. Again there seems to be debate surrounding differences between the SiR and the SiR-II and, indeed, the SiR-S. I will start off by saying that there is no mechanical differences between them.... Continue Reading →


The EG6 Guide (Pt.1)

I'm currently compiling what I'm hoping will be the comprehensive guide to JDM EG6's. I've been on numerous forums recently, helping to identify imported EG6's and work out the, frankly bewildering spec variations and options. Despite only being made in the early 90's, much of the information surrounding the cars is inaccurate, patchy and at... Continue Reading →

Carnival Yellow EG6

I've been toying with the idea of trying to source an incredibly rare Carnival Yellow EG6. Arguably the rarest EG6 ever made, it had matching yellow tweed and was exclusively made as a Zenki-spec model.  The majority of Y-53 EG6's were made in 91 with a handful of 92 cars. I'm at a loss why... Continue Reading →


IMG_3194, originally uploaded by gorath23. It has been a long time since I updated this blog with any news regarding my EG6. In the last year the car has gone under an extreme makeover, including paint restoration (twice), a full interior swap and a comprehensive handling package to rival the best FF cars around. Spec... Continue Reading →

British Civic EF2 Restoration

Considering most of the blogs concerning Japanese cars either originate from Japan itself or the ever dominant USA I am going to try and showcase the best of British builders. This build is being documented on numerous websites, and whilst it is a fairly modest base to begin with (JDM import EF2 Civic) the level... Continue Reading →

James and a Staffordshire Adventure

I finally picked her up on Monday, and wow, she is an absolute minter! The paint is flawless with only a couple of minor scratches marring it. The car has keyless entry (remote locking) and a number of other goodies I wasn't expecting including a parking pole (well, just the button, the pole itself seems to... Continue Reading →

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