The EG6 Guide (Pt.III) – The SiR-S

Well, I promised a small guide on the SiR-S as it's another one of those areas that pretty grey when it comes to accurate information. I myself own one, and so over the past two years I've done a fair bit of research into them. Production dates: 1992-1993 (production numbers are unknown however, estimated between... Continue Reading →

The EG6 Guide (Pt. II)

In Part 2 of my guide I will be focusing on mechanical spec and the associated options that were available from the factory. Again there seems to be debate surrounding differences between the SiR and the SiR-II and, indeed, the SiR-S. I will start off by saying that there is no mechanical differences between them.... Continue Reading →

The EG6 Guide (Pt.1)

I'm currently compiling what I'm hoping will be the comprehensive guide to JDM EG6's. I've been on numerous forums recently, helping to identify imported EG6's and work out the, frankly bewildering spec variations and options. Despite only being made in the early 90's, much of the information surrounding the cars is inaccurate, patchy and at... Continue Reading →

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