Work Reissues the Iconic CR-01

Work wheels have followed in Enkei's footsteps by reissuing one of their discontinued back-catalogue. As part of the nostalgic revival that the Japanese car scene is currently seeing, popularity of older wheel designs has soared. I guess this is in part down to the uninspiring range of new 'eco-warrior' cars that Toyota, Honda et al.... Continue Reading →

Top Setup Civic

One of my favourite EG's, ¬†owned by Charlie Rhyu. He intially turned up only to watch the heats for Hot Versions first American Touge DVD. After the Vishnu Evo dropped out with headgasket problems, Charlie was approached to see whether he wanted to audition the Civic as a last minute entry. He went on to... Continue Reading →

Carnival Yellow EG6

I've been toying with the idea of trying to source an incredibly rare Carnival Yellow EG6. Arguably the rarest EG6 ever made, it had matching yellow tweed and was exclusively made as a Zenki-spec model. ¬†The majority of Y-53 EG6's were made in 91 with a handful of 92 cars. I'm at a loss why... Continue Reading →

British Civic EF2 Restoration

Considering most of the blogs concerning Japanese cars either originate from Japan itself or the ever dominant USA I am going to try and showcase the best of British builders. This build is being documented on numerous websites, and whilst it is a fairly modest base to begin with (JDM import EF2 Civic) the level... Continue Reading →

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