SiR-S at Goodwood Breakfast Meet

Well, it's been a while! The SiR-S is still with me and I recently took it to the Hot Hatch Breakfast meeting at Goodwood Motor Circuit. You can see my new SSR Type Xs here (although I've had them for a few years now!) in the factory chrome finish.


IMG_3194, originally uploaded by gorath23. It has been a long time since I updated this blog with any news regarding my EG6. In the last year the car has gone under an extreme makeover, including paint restoration (twice), a full interior swap and a comprehensive handling package to rival the best FF cars around. Spec... Continue Reading →

James and a Staffordshire Adventure

I finally picked her up on Monday, and wow, she is an absolute minter! The paint is flawless with only a couple of minor scratches marring it. The┬ácar has keyless entry (remote locking) and a number of other goodies I wasn't expecting including a parking pole (well, just the button, the pole itself seems to... Continue Reading →

Well i spoke to Tegiwa and have had it confirmed that the car does indeed have both Zeal coilovers and a LSD! Plus with the photos coming through of the whole car I am satisfied in my own mind that it is the rarer SiR-S model. The interior needs some work, but I'm really looking... Continue Reading →

Exciting news! Tegiwa emailed me and said they will have the car tomorrow! Looking forward to some pictures, especially of the interior plus a full spec list.... Still half hoping it may be an SiR-S. I have some sketchy suspicions, mainly based on the fact that it has the correct side-decals for the S. This... Continue Reading →

Ok well a few weeks ago I managed to find an EG6 that suited me fairly well, not ideal but good enough.......... I spoke to quite a few importers and due to the world financial crunch many of them are facing testing times. Prices have rocketed due to the pound slumping and some companies have... Continue Reading →

Well, this is my first post as a blogger! Over the coming months (and years) I'll be keeping everyone updated with the progress on my forthcoming EG6 Honda Civic SiR, plus coverage of car shows, cool videos and interesting JDM-related stuff! Keep checking back! James

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