Work Reissues the Iconic CR-01

Work wheels have followed in Enkei’s footsteps by reissuing one of their discontinued back-catalogue. As part of the nostalgic revival that the Japanese car scene is currently seeing, popularity of older wheel designs has soared. I guess this is in part down to the uninspiring range of new ‘eco-warrior’ cars that Toyota, Honda et al. seem to be focusing on now. The ’80s and ’90s are quickly being seen as the pinnacle of Japanese automotive history and the racing  scene (legal and illegal) that was inevitably spawned.  Work have recognised one of the smaller cult followings in the racing underworld: Kanjo racers, on whom I wrote a short piece back in March. The CR-01 has recently become synonymous with the EA, EF and EG Civic chassis’. Most recently promoted by the Temple Racing/ Osaka JDM team.


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