The EG6 Guide (Pt.III) – The SiR-S

Well, I promised a small guide on the SiR-S as it’s another one of those areas that pretty grey when it comes to accurate information. I myself own one, and so over the past two years I’ve done a fair bit of research into them.

Production dates: 1992-1993 (production numbers are unknown however, estimated between 3000-5000).

This means that the S was only ever a Zenki model, I have seen a Captiva blue Kouki-spec ‘S’ popping up on a number of US forums, it isn’t an S however. Buying the rear decal is pretty easy!

The SiR-S spec:

-Unique ‘DOHC Vtec’ decals on the doors

-Champagne coloured EG6 alloys

-Keyless Entry (It has a small retangular sensor on the driver’s door handle)

-Armrest as standard

-Black/Charcoal Zenki interior

-Momo Steering wheel and leather gearknob

-Choice of three colours: Granada Black Pearl, Milano Red or Lausanne Green.

That’s it, no mechanical differences, and it didn’t have any other optional extras as standard. Contrary to popular belief, the S didn’t have an LSD as standard.

Heres a few shots:

My personal SiR-S on OEM optional EG6/EG2 wheels












Original JDM SiR-S brochure














Standard SiR-S














Momo SiR-S wheel

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