The EG6 Guide (Pt. II)

In Part 2 of my guide I will be focusing on mechanical spec and the associated options that were available from the factory. Again there seems to be debate surrounding differences between the SiR and the SiR-II and, indeed, the SiR-S. I will start off by saying that there is no mechanical differences between them. The engine is the same, the suspension is the same etc. The differences between the ‘trim’ levels are purely that, cosmetic- i.e. the interior trim colours and also the ‘II’ opened up a lot of the options available.

Engine: B16A- 2nd Gen (only non-JDM vehicles have another number after the A. All Japanese spec engines have a four character code). 170PS (168hp@ 7,800Rpm). 8200rpm Redline, 10.4:1 Comp Ratio.

The engine differs from the 1st generation B16A (as found in the EF8 and EF9) in the form of different camshafts. This accounts for the 10hp bump in power. The redline was also raised to 8200Rpm. The engine differs from UKDM and USDM models via the pistons. The B16A uses P30 pistons which raise the compression to 10.4:1, compared to 10.2:1 (PR3 pistons) in the B16A2 etc of the same era.

Gearbox: Y21 (optional Visous Coupling Differential, i.e. ‘LSD’), Hydraulic Clutch.


1st: 3.230

2nd: 2.105

3rd: 1.458

4th: 1.107

5th: 0.848

Final Drive: 4.400

Mechanical Options:

-Automatic Transmission: As it sounds, a self-shifter option was available on the basic SiR, not on the II or the -S.

-‘LSD’: Technically, the optional differential isn’t a true Limited Slip Diff, it doesn’t work on the principal of slipping clutch-type plates to lock out one wheel for traction. It is actually a Viscous Coupling Differential that uses Fluid to approximate a similar effect. There is no way to 100% accurately check for the presence of the LSD just by looking at the car/gearbox. The gearbox cases were not stamped like early Y1 boxes, or ink printed like later S80’s gearboxes. There should be a small ‘LSD’ sticker underneath the rear wiper however. Dissembling the driveshaft and physically checking the differential is the only way to check.

– TCS: Traction control, this option would necessitate the ABS option, as it works off the same pump. An either/or option with the LSD. Has a On/Off button on the centre console.

-ABS: Self-explanatory. I believe this was an option up to 93, and then standard when the car was revised in 94.

Brakes: 262mm/242mm discs, optional ABS 91-93. 7/8 Master cylinder, upgraded to 15/16 in ’94 when ABS was introduced as standard fit.

Suspension: Not much to say, a front strut brace was standard, no options for further bracing or sports suspension. It was a sophisticated double wishbone design however, which Honda no longer use on the current Civic (FD/FN). The JDM EG6 had ‘ball’ type lower rear control arms, the same as the DC2 Type R. Non-JDM EG6’s had the ‘fork’ type.

Sway bar specs are:

Front: 21mm

Rear: 13mm

LSD Sticker denoting the presence of the option Differential
The TCS button located on the dash. Next to EG9 'Door Lock' button. You can see underneath that the small amber button on the mirror adjuster is for heated mirrors.

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