The EG6 Guide (Pt.1)

I’m currently compiling what I’m hoping will be the comprehensive guide to JDM EG6’s. I’ve been on numerous forums recently, helping to identify imported EG6’s and work out the, frankly bewildering spec variations and options. Despite only being made in the early 90’s, much of the information surrounding the cars is inaccurate, patchy and at best fairly speculatory .

Here’s some basic facts to get it going, I shall update this post as I develop the guide:

JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Honda Civic SiR:

Chassis: E-EG6

Production Dates: 1991-1995 (officially 1992-1995). Split into Zenki models 91-93, Kouki models 94-95.

Different Spec Levels: SiR, SiR-II, SiR-S (92-93 only, limited run, unconfirmed numbers)

Available Colours  for Zenki-spec Interior Trim (documented so far):

Cloth choices are noted first, after the /  is plastics colour

Cloth: B=Beige, C=Charcoal, P=Purple, Y=Yellow

Plastics: Type F=Grey, Type D=Dark

All Kouki models came with Dark Plastics and Black+ Red check cloth. This is what is wrongly referred to as the ‘Anniversary Edition’ interior in America. It is just the standard 94-95 revised interior.

-Milano Red (R-81)- B/Type F on SiR-II, C/Type D on SiR-S *

-Captiva Blue Pearl (B-62P)- B/Type F on SiR

-Granada Black Pearl (NH-503P) – P/Type F on SiR-II, C/Type D on SiR-S *

-Lausanne Green Pearl (G-71P) –  C/Type F (SiR-II), C/Type D (SiR-S) *

-Carnival Yellow (Y-53) –  Y/Type F (Zenki model only)

-Frost White (NH-538) –  P/Type F

-Pewter Grey (NH-537M) – Unknown

-Vogue Silver Metallic (NH-550M) – Unknown

-Tahitian Green (BG-28P) – Only available as a Kouki (94-95) model.

*These three colours are the only colours that the SiR-S was available in. I will be doing a small section on the SiR-S later.

Zenki Charcoal: Note the unusual headrest design, changed in ’94.
Kouki: Ignore the racing seat, note the headrest and checkered cloth.
Yellow Zenki

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  1. Hi mate i love what you have done here. Can i ask were you got all of this info from?? I have been searching for JDM EG6 facts for years now.

    Just to note i always thought there was no EG6 SiR (1) as such only the SiR II. Plus where you state

    -Captiva Blue Pearl (B-62P)- B/G on SiR, P/G on SiR-II

    I have a 92 EG6 Captiva Blue pearl With B/G (light browny beige cloth and grey plastics) interior. As far as i know on the log book it all came fitted from factory like that. Going by what you stated that would make my EG6 an SiR but according to my chassis number when put onto the honda dealer system it states my car as a SiRII.

    Keep all the info coming as its good to finaly get the specs right.

    1. Hey man, the facts haven’t come from one source, like you I’ve compiled the information over a number of years. To be fair, I can’t guarantee that the info is 100% correct, most of it is by process of elimination and careful study of multiple EG6’s over the years. What I would say is to take little notice of UK Honda dealers, their knowledge of import vehicle specs is very limited. I can confirm 100% that there were both an SiR and SiR-II for the EG6. The II denotes the slightly higher spec version that opened up the options list.

      Often the facts are a little confused when cars are late registered etc, i.e. that post on regarding the SiR-S in Wales states that the car was made in 1994. There were no SiR-S made in 94 as it was a Zenki model only, the interior confirms that. However it was obviously a late registered S, as the pictures tend to show it being genuine. Sadly over the years a lot of the cars have parts removed or changed so it becomes very difficult to accurately determine which models they are.

      Anyway, hope that helps! At some point I will be doing a part 4 covering the majority of the optional extras available.


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