EG6 Register – Mark’s 1992 SiR-II

Mark's 1992 SiR-II has been added to the register. It's really interesting to see a early Milano red car that isn't an SiR-S. The original owner also spec'd the car with both the LSD and ABS & TCS option. Whilst Mark has removed these in the pursuit of performance (the car now has an MFactory... Continue Reading →

The EG6 Register is Live!

I've finally put into action an idea I've had floating around for years. Many exotic and classic cars have registers to keep track of cars that otherwise may only see the light of day a few times a year, appear at select car shows or spend extended periods of time in workshops, garages, barns, lock-ups... Continue Reading →

SiR-S at Goodwood Breakfast Meet

Well, it's been a while! The SiR-S is still with me and I recently took it to the Hot Hatch Breakfast meeting at Goodwood Motor Circuit. You can see my new SSR Type Xs here (although I've had them for a few years now!) in the factory chrome finish.

Legendary Engines: The 1.6 Twincam

I've been wanting to write an article about the venerable Japanese twincam engines for a while now. I was initially attracted to the Japanese car scene through magazine features of large turbo-charged behemoths such as the R32 Skyline and the JZ-series Supras. As I delved deeper however, it was the smaller engined cars that really... Continue Reading →

Work Reissues the Iconic CR-01

Work wheels have followed in Enkei's footsteps by reissuing one of their discontinued back-catalogue. As part of the nostalgic revival that the Japanese car scene is currently seeing, popularity of older wheel designs has soared. I guess this is in part down to the uninspiring range of new 'eco-warrior' cars that Toyota, Honda et al.... Continue Reading →

Kanjo Racers

I've been aware of these guys for a while now. Many of you will have probably seen the JDM Insider video surrounding 'kanjo racing' (it's available on Youtube). A mixture of awe and incredulity is the natural response to seeing a host of cars racing at speeds well over 100mph in heavy traffic, and yet... Continue Reading →

The EG6 Guide (Pt.III) – The SiR-S

Well, I promised a small guide on the SiR-S as it's another one of those areas that pretty grey when it comes to accurate information. I myself own one, and so over the past two years I've done a fair bit of research into them. Production dates: 1992-1993 (production numbers are unknown however, estimated between... Continue Reading →

Top Setup Civic

One of my favourite EG's,  owned by Charlie Rhyu. He intially turned up only to watch the heats for Hot Versions first American Touge DVD. After the Vishnu Evo dropped out with headgasket problems, Charlie was approached to see whether he wanted to audition the Civic as a last minute entry. He went on to... Continue Reading →

The EG6 Guide (Pt. II)

In Part 2 of my guide I will be focusing on mechanical spec and the associated options that were available from the factory. Again there seems to be debate surrounding differences between the SiR and the SiR-II and, indeed, the SiR-S. I will start off by saying that there is no mechanical differences between them.... Continue Reading →

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